There are many good beginner books that you can purchase and not spend a lot of money. Orchids as House Plants by Rebecca Tyson Northern sells for under $10.00. You should be able to find it at any good book store.

One of the easiest and most popular orchids to grow in the home are the Phalaenopsis or better known as the "Moth Orchid." They require average house temperature and moderate light, much like the African Violet.

Other commonly grown orchids are the Paphiopedilum (Lady Slipper) which is another low light grower. The Cattleya (Catt.) is a very rewarding plant and is often used in corsages. Oncidiums (dancing dolls), Vandas, and Dendrobiums, all need bright light to flower. If you have a cool area try growing the beautiful "Pansies" the Miltoniopsis.

For those of you that live in mild climates growing Cymbidiums in your gardens is a lot of fun.

Do you have orchid Questions?? Most everyone has questions when they start to grow these beautiful plants. This article

"Orchid Questions??"
was written by me in hopes of answering some of the most common questions beginners ask.

There are many other orchids that you may be able to grow in and around your home. Every month I write an article about a new orchid. Visit the Orchid Garden and learn all about the wonderful world of orchids.

Most orchids can be grown in your home if you give them what they need:

DON'T OVER WATER, this kills more orchids than anything else!
Too much light will kill your orchid as will too little light.
Orchids, like people, like to have a comfortable temperature.
Remember the old saying, "weakly, weekly" when fertilizing orchids.
Orchids like 40%-70% humidity.
orcbtn-1.gifAir movement
They don't like stagant air, but then neither do you.
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You grow orchids much like you do any blooming house plant. Remember most orchids are epiphytes and are planted in orchid bark, lava rock, or mounted on pieces of bark. DON'T plant them in soil unless they are the terrestrial type.

For more information about growing orchids, check out my recommended book list.

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