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Celebrating International Women’s Day March 08
Friday, 23 March 2018

On March 07th, 2018, CTU celebrated International Women’s Day March 08th in order to honor the beauty and affirm the role of women in society, especially in the period of renovation and international integration.

Prof.Dr. Ha Thanh Toan, Rector, sending good wishes to all female staff on the occasion of International Women’s Day

Currently, CTU has nearly 2,000 staff members, of which nearly 44% are female. Of the approximately 50,000 students, the proportion of female students is nearly 49%. This shows the significant role of female staff as well as female students in the activities of learning, teaching and scientific research, contributing greatly to the increasingly strong development of CTU. 

To tighten the solidarity and create a cheerful atmosphere in the University, at the meeting took place the contest of making traditional cakes. All staff members have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of traditional cake flavors. The celebration of International Women’s Day is really a meaningful gift that the University dedicated to all women of CTU. It is believed that the interest of the University’s leaders, especially CTU’s Labor Union, will be a great motivation for the University’s staff to strive for more achievements in their work and lives as well.

The University’s leaders presenting flowers to female staff

Some images of the International Women’s Day celebration:



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