A Call for Assistance

To Overseas Vietnamese Scientists

Located in the center of the Mekong Delta (MD), Can Tho University (CTU) has become an important cultural, scientific and technological center for the southern part of Vietnam. Through its great efforts, CTU has played an important role in developing human resources, upgrading the general and scientific knowledge of the MD’s population and in improving the regional economy. 

Having been well known, the MD is a vast and fertile area accounting for 22 percent of the nation’s population and 50 percent of the national rice output. At present, CTU is a high educational institution offering diverse fields of study, including technology, information technology, medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, economics and business management, agriculture, education, science, and law to 14,000 regular students on the university campus and over 14,000 students at satellite continuing education centers in the provinces of the MD.  

In spite of relentless efforts at CTU in extending the scope and in improving the quality of training, scientific research and services to the region, there still remains a substantial distance to go before we can achieve results comparable to those of prestigious universities in the world. 

Under these circumstances, CTU wishes to solicit special assistance from distinguished member of the overseas Vietnamese scientists’ community, who have deep enthusiasm and love for the country, in general, and the MD, in particular, and who wish to transfer experience, knowledge, and expertise to CTU. With your valuable assistance, CTU will be able to better achieve its academic training goals, thus helping the MD overcome the huge difficulties confronting this developing region. You can extend your kind assistance to us through the provision of short training courses, scientific lectures, scientific research, consultation, and technology transfer in the following areas:  

1. Information technology - CTU is currently establishing a Training Center for Computer Programmers and Software Development 

2. Bio-technology - CTU’s top priority 

3. Chemical engineering - new materials, composite, etc.,  

4. Precision mechanics - CTU is now establishing a mechanical engineering workshop devoted to designing and producing teaching and laboratory materials  

5. Automation (electro-mechanics, robotics) - CTU’s investment for future development.

You are hereby cordially invited to consider helping our university. During the period of time in which you will be extending assistance to the university, CTU will provide transportation (from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho), accommodation, meals, sight-seeing in the MD, as a token of our gratitude for your teaching and professional contribution. 

Your kind consideration and cooperation are highly appreciated.  

Rector, Can Tho University  

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