International Collaboration

CTU is one of Viet Nam's leading higher education institutions in international cooperation. In order to become an internationally - recognized university in the academic community, CTU actively promotes international affairs.


As a result CTU is one of Viet Nam's leading higher education institutions international cooperation. Thanks to its international cooperation programs, CTU has improved tremendously in terms of its capacity building, physical facilities training and research. Some examples of its cooperation activities are as follows:


- Signing more than 140 Memoranda of Understanding with International partners around the world.

- Building up and finding more new cooperative projects, these projects contribute in the research capacity and finance of the university.

- Currently seeking to establish strategic partners with a certain number of universities and organizations in Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific and others.

- Organizing successfully international seminars and conferences in the fields of aquaculture, GIS, biotechnology, information technology. These conferences bring the benefit of academic exchange and promote the image of Can Tho University.

- Consulting the local authorities in the Mekong Delta in building the capacity through Mekong - 1,000 Scheme. This project is funded by the local authorities of 13 provinces in the Mekong Delta by sending about 1,000 local governmental officers to study abroad in Master and Doctoral programs.

- Cooperating with diplomat organizations to hold cultural days and festivals for students. CTU students can know more about cultures, education of the partner countries.

- Organizing many international exchange programs for CTU students as well as international student. These activities tighten the friendship and improve the internationalization of the campus.

- Cooperating with many organizations in scholarship scheme introduction such as: Nuffic Scholarship, MEXT (Japan), Fulbright, AAS (Australia), Lotus (EU),...

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