Can Tho University -
Academic units
1. College of Agriculture & Applied Biology
2. College of Aquaculture & Fisheries
3. College of Economics
4. College of Engineering Technology
5. College of Environment & Natural Resources
6. College of ICT
7. College of Natural Sciences
8. College of Rural Development
9. School of Education
10. School of Foreign Languages
11. School of Graduate
12. School of Law
13. School of Pre-University
14. School of Political Science
15. School of Social Sciences and Humanities
16. Department of Physical Education
17. Biotechnology Research & Development Inst.
18. Mekong Delta Development Research Institute
19. Research Institute for Climate Change
20. Center of Foreign Languages
21. Cooperative Training Center
22. Center of National Defense Education
23. High school Teacher Practice
Supporting units
1. Center for Graduate Service and Training
2. Department of Academic Affairs
3. Department of Administration and Planning
4. Department of Construction Management
5. Department of Facility Management
6. Department of Financial Affairs
7. Department of International Relations
8. Department of Legality
9. Department of Personnel
10. Department of Political Affairs
11. Department of Scientific Research Affairs
12. Department of Student Assistance
13. Can Tho University Improvement Project
14. Can Tho University Journal of Science
15. Can Tho University Publishing House
16. Can Tho University Software Center
17. Center for Technology Transfer and Services
18. Information and Network Management Center
19. Learning Resource Center
20. Quality Assurance and Testing Center

Truong Dai hoc Can Tho - Can Tho University