BioEdit is a biological sequence alignment editor written for Windows 95/98/NT.  A rich, intuitive multiple document interface with many convenient features  makes alignment, manipulation and viewing of sequences relatively quick and easy on your desktop computer.    Several sequence manipulation and analysis options and fully-automated links to local and WWW-based anaylsis programs facilitate an integrated working environment which allows you to view, align and analyze sequences from a single application with simple point-and-click operations.
  BioEdit's features include:
  • Several modes of hand alignment
  • Automated ClustalW alignment
  • Automated Blast searches (local and WWW)
  • Plasmid drawing and annotation
  • Accessory application configuration
  • Restriction mapping
  • RNA comparative analysis tools
  • Graphical matrix data viewing tools
  • Shaded alignment figures
  • Translation-based nucleic acid alignment
  • ABI trace viewing, editing and printing
  • Highly customizable ... many more features
  • Note:  Bug -- If you have version 5.0.0 or later, see here
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    Copyright 1999, Inc.
    Current version 5.0.9
    Last updated 3/24/01
    Tom Hall
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    Note:  The NCBI has done away with their BLAST client 2 service as of March, 2000.  This has forced me to add an interface for BLAST  client 3.  This interface is much more convenient than the old one anyway.  If you upgrade the BioEdit exec file only, you will need to also download blastcl3.exe and place this file into the 'apps' folder of your BioEdit installation